The best vant­age points in Nieder­sachsen

It’s no secret that Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony), as Germany’s second-largest state, offers nearly endless expanses and a highly diverse landscape. Fields, meadows, moors, forests, heaths, and don’t forget the beaches, extending to the horizon and inviting you to take a well-earned breather in the great outdoors. But Niedersachsen’s cities also offer fascinating vistas and architectural highlights.

From East Frisia to the Lüneburg Heath, from the Weser Uplands to the Harz mountains, every region in Niedersachsen has its own special landscapes. But where is the best place to view them? The Mittelweser region is home to the geographical centre of Niedersachsen, the Emsland offers enchanting views of the idyllic Dalum-Wietmarscher Moor nature reserve, and sunsets over the North Sea can be seen especially well from Cuxland. Below you’ll find more vantage points with breathtaking long-distance views.


Industrial heritage meets centuries of architectural history in Braunschweiger Land

The town hall tower in Brunswick

The reward for climbing the 161 steps of the 61 metre high town hall tower is a magnificent bird’s-eye view of Brunswick. There’s no lift, but the view is more than worth the effort. Our tip: During the Christmas market, the view down on the festively decorated stands and illuminated stalls around the cathedral is hard to beat.

Nearest car park: Schloss Arkaden car park, Georg-Eckert-Straße, 38100 Brunswick

The globe seats next to the Wakepark in Wolfsburg

The view from the ‘globe seats’ next to Wakepark Wolfsburg is the ideal vantage point for a number of photographs: the city centre, the Volkswagen Arena, the Autostadt, Wolfsburg castle or the Allerpark – perfect for catching the city’s different facets in a single shot. Many visitors are attracted from Wolfsburg and the surrounding area, especially on warm and sunny days, seeking relaxation or the wide range of leisure activities in the Allerpark.

Nearest car park: Wakepark Wolfsburg, Berliner Ring 1, 38446 Wolfsburg


Close to nature in the Elbe and Wendland region.

Lookout tower on the Hoher Mechtin in Lüchow-Dannenberg

The 30 metre high lookout tower on the Hoher Mechtin hill provides an absolutely magnificent panorama. It gives you a fantastic view of the Elbhöhen-Wendland nature park and the neighbouring Niedersächsische Elbtalau biosphere reserve. Our tip: Visit during an Indian summer. The ravishing variety of colours on the deciduous trees against the bright blue sky in September and October make for a perfect photo backdrop.

Nearest car park: The Hoher Mechtin is only accessible on foot. As a starting point for your hike, the hikers’ car park is at: Spranz 1, 29499 Zernien

Kniepenberg lookout tower in Drethem

The Kniepenberg lookout tower in Drethem offers a 360° view of the Elbhöhen-Wendland nature park and is an excellent hiking destination. The view is a thrill not only for outdoor enthusiasts but also for ornithologists. With a little luck, you can watch sea eagles and geese at dizzy heights from the upper observation platform.

Nearest car park: Kniepenberg car park, K36, 29456 Hitzacker (Elbe)


A wild moor landscape meets Baroque gardens in the Emsland.

Vantage point from the hill on Dalum-Wietmarscher Moor

Dalum-Wietmarscher Moor is a nature reserve and bird sanctuary covering 1,580 hectares near Geeste. The hill with the vantage point is in the eastern part of the nature reserve. From here you can view the unusual animal and plant life of the raised bog ecosystem without disturbing it.

Nearest car park: Vantage point from the hill on Dalum-Wietmarscher Moor, Süd-Nord-Straße, 49744 Geeste

Gut Altenkamp exhibition centre in Aschendorf

The former estate of Altenkamp in Papenburg boasts a picturesque Baroque garden. The pleasure garden was restored using historical plans and now serves as a location for numerous events.  

Nearest car park: Gut Altenkamp car park, Am Altenkamp, 26871 Papenburg


A lovely landscape plus peace and quiet in the County of Bentheim.

Lookout tower on the Lönsberg in Uelsen

The County of Bentheim has heathland, deep green forests and lush meadows as far as the eye can see. You can enjoy an especially good view of the idyllic landscape from the lookout tower on the Lönsberg. When visibility is good, you can even see the medieval fort in Bad Bentheim.

Nearest car park: Zum Lönsberg, 49843 Halle

Lookout tower on the Isterberg in Schüttorf

You can see as far as the Netherlands from the lookout tower on the Isterberg. But don’t forget to look down as well, for the county lies at your feet in all its quiet beauty.

Nearest car park: Isterberger Waldhaus, Lehmstraße 1, 48465 Isterberg


Mountain air in the Harz nature paradise.

Kästeklippen View of the Oker , © HTV / M. Pagenkemper
© HTV / M. Pagenkemper


It’s hard to find a view in the Harz mountains that couldn’t be a postcard scene, but one view you really shouldn’t miss is the one from the Kästeklippen. These granite cliffs give you a perfect view of the Oker valley.

Nearest car park: Sportpark an der Rennbahn, Herbrink 30, 38667 Bad Harzburg

Klaras Höhe in Osterode

You can also get a magnificent view of the Harz foreland from the Klaras Höhe vantage point in Osterode. Parking is limited there, so we recommend visiting Klaras Höhe as part of a hike.

Nearest car park: Klaras Höhe, 37520 Osterode am Harz


Heather in bloom in Lüneburg Heath.

Wilseder Berg

Once you’ve seen the heather in bloom on Wilseder Berg, you’ll never want to let another August or September pass without a visit to Lüneburg Heath. The sea of purple flowers is simply too beautiful!

Nearest car park: Undeloh visitor car park: Wilseder Straße, 21274 Undeloh

Oldendorf cenotaph, © LÜNEBURGER HEIDE GMBH / A. Kaßner

Oldendorfer Totenstatt

Things take on an air of the mystical at the Oldendorfer Totenstatt. The burial mounds in the middle of the heath landscape bear witness to over 5000 years of human history. The best time to enjoy the special atmosphere there is in morning mist or at sunset.

Nearest car park: Oldendorfer Totenstatt car park, Maxener Straße, 21385 Oldendorf (Luhe)


Bang in the centre of Niedersachsen

Geographical centre of Niedersachsen in the County of Hoya

Where is the centre of Niedersachsen? Hallo Niedersachsen, a regional TV programme by the broadcaster NDR, looked into this question in 2003. The answer: in the middle of a field near Hoyerhagen. The programme had a marker stone placed to indicate the true centre of Niedersachsen. Visitors can even have their visits documented at the County of Hoya tourist information centre or the town hall.

Nearest car park: Wehrenberg, 27318 Hoyerhagen


Beach bliss on the East Frisian islands of Juist and Borkum.

The beach on Juist

No photo could ever truly do justice to the beach on Juist. Stretching over 17 kilometres of white sand, it’s perfect for long and undisturbed walks. Our tip: Enjoy the sunset from the platform at the main beach entrance.

Note: Juist is a car-free island.

Watch seals on the northern beach on Borkum

One of the best places to watch wild seals (from a safe distance) is the northern beach on Borkum. If you would like to see them up close, you can take a guided walk.

Nearest car park: Am Langen Wasser, 26757 Borkum


Rural idyll in the Oldenburger Münsterland.

Thülsfelder Talsperre recreation area

The Thülsfelder Talsperre recreation area is considered a true gem of the Oldenburger Münsterland. Walk over the lagoon bridge and enjoy the view of diverse moor, forest and heath landscapes.

Nearest car park: Talsperre-Süd hikers’ car park, 49681 Garrel


Getting to the top in Osnabrücker Land.

Bad Iburg treetop trail

Towards the sun: If you climb up from the shady spa park to the 30 metre high platforms on the treetop trail in Bad Iburg, the first thing you need to do is get used to how bright it is up there. Here the TERRA.vita nature and geopark presents a different aspect with great views over the treetops towards Iburg Castle.

Nearest car park: Philipp-Sigismund-Allee 4, 49186 Bad Iburg

Felsrippe viewing platform on the Piesberg

The Felsrippe viewing platform on the Piesberg is the highest point in the city of Osnabrück and provides a fantastic view of the quarry, Teutoburg Forest and the TERRA.vita UNESCO Global Geopark.

Nearest car park: Car park at the Museum für Industriekultur, Fürstenauer Weg 191, 49090 Osnabrück


Sea breeze in East Frisia.

Lighthouse of Pilsum and sheep on the dike, © Fotolia / greenpapillon
© Fotolia / greenpapillon

Pilsum Lighthouse in Krummhörn-Greetsiel

No list of special vantage points would be complete without a typical East Frisian lighthouse. Built in 1890, the Pilsum Lighthouse has appeared in various films by comedian Otto Waalkes, and provides a magnificent view of the East Frisian coast.

Nearest car park: Zum Alten Leuchtturm 2, 26736 Pilsum

Kiekkaaste near Bunde

The Kiekkaaste observation platform gives you a wonderful view of the untamed Wadden Sea. The platform is built on stilts to keep it safely above high tide, but we still recommend that you wear wellies. During the spring tides, water can quickly cover the footpath.

Nearest car park: 26831 Bunde


Get out and enjoy nature in the North Sea-Elbe-Weser region.

Alte Liebe viewing platform

You could rightly say the Alte Liebe in Cuxhaven is really old. It was built as a pier in 1733 and now serves as a viewing platform. Take in the salty North Sea breeze and enjoy the view.

Nearest car park: Am Alten Hafen, Leuchtturmweg, 27472 Cuxhaven

Obereversand Lighthouse

A black, 37 metre high tower overlooks the fishing harbour in Dorum-Neufeld: the Obereversand Lighthouse, from which visitors have a wonderful view of the Niedersachsen  Wadden Sea National Park.

Nearest car park: Am Kutterhafen 3, 27639 Dorum

Oste valley

The untouched riverscape of the Oste valley delights multitudes of hikers every year. It wasn’t designated a ‘Qualitätsweg Wanderbares Deutschland - Traumtour’ (Walkable Germany Quality Trail – Dream Route) by the German Hiking Association for nothing. On the Oste valley NORDPFAD hiking trail, you can enjoy a wonderful view of the Oste river and the surrounding riparian woodlands.

Nearest car park: Car park near the Granstedt burial mound field, Peehsbarg, 27446 Granstedt

Tister Bauernmoor

On the Börde Sittensen NORDPFAD hiking trail, you’ll see impressive moors and endless vistas. As a nature reserve and bird sanctuary, the 1000-hectare Tister Bauernmoor is also an outstanding place for bird-watching.

Nearest car park: 27419 Tiste, Moorbahn Burgsittensen / Haus der Natur, Hauptstraße 7



Enjoy city life in the holiday region of Hanover.

New Town Hall Hannover, © Martin Kirchner/HTMG
© Martin Kirchner/HTMG

The Hanover town hall dome

You haven’t really been in Hanover if you haven’t stood in amazement in front of the New Town Hall. But it’s not just the building itself that’s splendid. You get the best view of the city from the viewing platform in the dome. If the weather cooperates, you can even see all the way to the Deister hills. And it’s not just the view of Hanover that’s unique, but also the way you arrive at it. To get to the town hall’s dome, you take a parabola lift that starts out vertically and then transports you at a 17° angle.

Nearest car park: Friedrichswall 11, 30159 Hanover


Incredible views of the ‘home of hiking’

Stone mark Steinbergen, © Touristikzentrum Westliches Weserbergland / Dr. Kurt Gilde
© Touristikzentrum Westliches Weserbergland / Dr. Kurt Gilde

The Jahrtausendblick vantage point in Steinzeichen Steinbergen

The ideal destination for those who love peace and quiet as well as a sporting challenge, the site had its origins as an off-site project for Expo 2000. Once you’ve climbed the 156 steps, you’ll have a unique view of the Weser river valley from the Jahrtausendblick (‘Millennium View’) vantage point.

Nearest car park: Arensburger Str. 4, 31737 Rinteln

Tillyschanze in Hann. Münden

Over the rooftops of Hann. Münden The Tillyschanze tower, at around 25 metres high, offers a magnificent view of Hann. Münden’s historical old town and the heights of the Kaufungen, Bramwald and Reinhardswald forests.

Nearest car park: How to get there 


This list of the best vantage points in Niedersachsen  is just that – a list – and not a ranking.

Did we miss any insider favourites? Email us and we’ll add it to our list.

Important: Please check the car park addresses before heading for a destination.

Last updated: June 2022