Kale in the sunlight, © TourismusMarketing Niedersachsen GmbH
© TourismusMarketing Niedersachsen GmbH

Loc­al and sea­son­al cuisine

Eating sustainably means paying attention to how food is produced, where it is sourced and when it is in season. Enjoy seasonal fruit and veg harvested in Niedersachsen and buy your milk products, meat and fish from local or regional farmers and fishermen. Organic seals confirm natural cultivation methods, organic animal welfare and the absence of chemical agents amongst other things. Try to avoid products that have been transported long distances by air or sea. But don’t worry – these recommendations won’t limit your choice at all, because Niedersachsen offers plenty of delicious local products all year round.

In winter enjoy hearty kale with Bregenwurst sausage, explore the ‘kale tour capital’ of Oldenburg and discover the most delicious and unusual dishes made from this green vegetable. In spring you can look forward to the first fresh asparagus grown in the fields of Niedersachsen. If you’re holidaying at the coast, be sure not to miss out on matjes herring: whether in a bread roll, homestyle with skin-on potatoes or heathland-style with cranberry cream and potato rösti – this fish is truly delicious. In (early) summer savour in good conscience strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and many other types of fruit and veg. Discover the sumptuous cherry and apple trees of Altes Land – the flavour of (late) summer. Autumn awaits with turnips, pumpkin and heath potatoes. As accompaniment: wild boar meat, venison and small game from the wooded regions of Niedersachsen. And if you’re not quite sure when which fruit or veg is in season, the season calender (in German) of the Niedersachsen chamber of agriculture can help.

Check out one of the many farm shops while you’re here, where you will find freshly picked produce and delicious specialities. Whether potatoes or cherries, carrots or jam, meat or fish – making a purchase here will support local farmers and growers and give you a flavour of Niedersachsen. Or stroll around the state’s prettiest weekly markets. Here you will discover regional specialities, meet the growers and learn even more about the products.

By buying local and seasonal, not only are you helping to protect the environment, you’re also helping to preserve the traditional cuisine of Niedersachsen – Guten Appetit!