The weekend in southern Niedersachsen begins in Göttingen. This university town with its ‘Goose Girl’ fountain is the region’s most famous city. What many don’t know is that not far from the city centre lies Europe’s only remaining pan salt works, where salt is still produced according to traditional methods from 150 years ago. It sees the light of day as concentrated brine from a depth of 450 metres, and guided tours demonstrate how this brine is turned into salt. Luisenhaller Deep Salt is a popular souvenir and I too pop it in my shopping basket. My tip: Saline Luisenhall also features a bath house, and the saltwater bath is a wonderful place to relax.

But before I move on, I want to try another Göttingen speciality. Established almost 150 years ago, Cron & Lanz is one of southern Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony)’s most traditional pastry shops and is famous for its fine cakes and chocolates, but especially for its Baumkuchen – a distinctive type of layer cake. I tuck into a slice made to a traditional recipe over a cup of tea, and of course also grab some to take home.