Nor­dik Edel­bren­nerei & Spir­itu­osen-Man­u­fak­tur (Nor­dik re­fined spir­its dis­til­lery)

A holiday for the senses in a distillery where you can try things for yourself – refined spirits, tastings, events, distillation & themed seminars

The Nordik Edelbrennerei & Spirituosen-Manufaktur is located in an idyllic area in the heart of the Altes Land in Jork. The high-quality speciality spirits are manufactured by hand through traditional processes. Here decades of distillation experience and highly skilled artisanship are united in the love for pleasures of the palate. These products are characterised by their regionally-procured ingredients and their consistent quality. The finest spices, seeds and hand-selected fruits from the Altes Land give the speciality spirits their unique aroma.

Give your senses a holiday, and take the opportunity to look behind the scenes of a traditional spirits distillery. View this unique distillery where spirits are produced by hand in live operation, and discover (almost) all the secrets of distillation.

Participate in one of our popular Sunday tastings, or have your individual day and group programme developed for you by distillery personnel. If you are looking for something very special, we recommend that you attend a whisky tasting, distilling or themed seminar: submerge yourself in the world of aromas and delights, and produce your own speciality spirit or gin under the instruction of the master distiller. You can find further information on our seminars, tastings, events and spirits on the NORDIK Edelbrennerei & Spirituosenmanufaktur website.