Pumpkin, © Fotolia / mythja
© Fotolia / mythja

Au­tumn cuisine

When the fields are full of kale, turnips and potatoes, when pumpkins, quinces and other fruits are ripe for harvest, that’s when there are lots of local events that serve up a selection of exquisite delicacies – what better reason for a trip to one of Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony)’s gourmet regions?

The Altes Land region on the Elbe River prides itself on its fresh apples and its succulent pears and plums. Every year, around 300,000 tonnes of apples are grown here in the largest continuous fruit-producing area of northern Europe.Once ripe, the fruit is harvested at the end of August and throughout the autumn. The fruit season ends between October and November. Every apple, every pear and every plum is picked by hand, and often immediately turned into appetising juices, compotes or jams. Enjoy the many facets of the Altes Land region. It’s really easy to explore the region by bicycle. An excellent way to experience the apple season at first hand is by cycling along the Obstroute (Fruit Route) – it’s flat and has very little traffic. If you like to know exactly where your fruit comes from, play it safe and visit one of the many fruit farms to buy your produce at the source, or even pick it yourself.

In Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony), there’s plenty of choice in the autumn when it comes to locally sourced game. Gastronomic delights from our region! The densely wooded regions of Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony) are a plentiful source of wild boar, red deer, small game and wildfowl. Creative restaurateurs concoct both traditional and modern dishes from these local ingredients. There are even themed days or weeks when the focus is on wild game – you can get an insight into how the game is tracked down, or go on a tour of the game territory with the forest ranger, and there’s plenty more besides.

Autumn is also the time for pumpkins. In all their golden orange varieties, they call to mind the archetypal golden autumn. Whether you use them in a tasty dish or just to decorate the front of your house, pumpkins are extremely versatile.