The last stop on my culinary road trip through southern Niedersachsen is the little town of Uslar in the Solling hills. The local speciality here is Peker, a simple dish of baked potatoes, fresh pork mince and onions. Originally the meal of paupers, today it is celebrated every September at the Peker market in the historical old town, where you can sample this traditional regional dish at various stalls.

I’m a little late for the Peker meal and instead opt for another classic Niedersachsen speciality. Kale is on almost every menu in the north in autumn and winter. However, here in the Solling hills it is traditionally served with Bregenwurst sausage rather than Pinkel smoked sausage or Kassler pork chops, as is the case elsewhere in Niedersachsen. I end my culinary road trip through southern Niedersachsen by tucking into this hearty winter meal.