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The Weser river originates from the confluence of the Werra and Fulda at the famous Weserstein in Hann. Münden and flows into the North Sea at Bremerhaven. The Weser river can be divided into three stages: Oberweser (Hann. Münden - Minden), Mittelweser (Minden - Bremen) and Unterweser (from Bremen). The Oberweser flows through the scenic Weserbergland (Weser Uplands) with wide valleys and historic towns such as the Pied Piper town of Hameln (Hamelin) and the 135 km stretch from Hann. Münden to Hameln is a fun paddle for canoers with no weirs throughout the route. Several weirs await at the Mittelweser, and the Weser river is tidal from Bremen. Due to the total length of the river (500 km), the Weser is ideally suited for beginners and advanced paddlers, for day trips and multi-day tours. The Weser is accessible throughout the whole year, but we recommend the months of May to September. The Weser river boasts a well-developed canoe infrastructure with numerous access and docking points as well as rest stops along its banks.

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For beginners, we highly recommend a tour on the Oberweser between Hann. Münden and Minden. Minimal shipping traffic and only one weir in Hameln (Hamelin) that can be accessed via a boat lane, ensure that canoe trips in the Weser Uplands are virtually effortless. Even weaker paddlers are constantly pushed forwards by the current. Access and docking points are identified with the “yellow wave” signposts. Several canoe rental operators offer tours and also organise the necessary boat transfers. There is an adequate supply of overnight accommodation and camp sites on the banks of the Weser river.



Nature conservation and navigation instructions

You can travel along the Weser river all year round. Motor boats can also be driven along it, and you may even encounter water skiers and jet skiers at individual sections marked with signposts on the bank. Canoers should paddle through these areas quickly and close to the bank. On the Oberweser you'll encounter occasional cargo and passenger ships. Please paddle close to the bank and avoid commercial shipping vessels. Ferry stops are signposted along the bank; please be aware of ferries and only pass a ferry stop when the ferry is stationary. You can expect to see a high volume of vessels from Minden as the Weser river is partly canalised. Several lock systems and portages will punctuate your canoe trip. Between 1 October and 15 April, canoers may swiftly pass through the designated areas of water in the Schlüsselburg lock's weir following the end of the Schlüsselburg lock service, and up until half an hour after sunset. You must keep a minimum distance of 15 m from the banks, except in the portage area and the authorised docks. 

From Bremen, tidal currents and a far greater amount of shipping traffic, including seagoing vessels, only recommended for experienced paddlers with suitable boats.

The specifics of the tour

A canoe tour on the Weser river can be combined with a cycling tour on the Weser-Radweg (Weser Cycle Route) which follows the river banks. Please enquire about relevant offers with the canoe rental operators. If required, the canoe rental operators can also transport your bicycle upon request.


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