Nature conservation and navigation instructions

Canoers can go on this tide-dependent canoe trip along this river from mid-April to mid-October. Your start time depends on the tide tables as you need to arrive at your destination with the current on your side.

Nature conservation:
there are a number of protected species of plants and animals in East Frisia.
Their habitats are still unspoilt, so they can continue to live here. To keep it this way, a few rules must be followed on your adventure in the great outdoors.

Protect sensitive areas. Avoid canoe tours through overgrown banks and shallow waters (breeding and spawning grounds) and do not approach gravel, sand and mud banks (where birds nest).

Watch wildlife from afar: if possible, only watch animals from afar at a designated observation point or from a sufficient distance.

The specifics of the tour

This canoe trip starts and finishes in the aforementioned places only.
Nearest train stations: Leer (approx. 15 km) / Augustfehn (approx. 10 km)

Paddle & Pedal combined tour – a canoe trip from A to B and a bike route from B back to A