Nature conservation and navigation instructions

Please use the designated boarding and landing points:

  • Beverstedt - Deelbrügge/ Stubbener Landstraße
    • Lunestedt - Otterbiotop (Otter Biotope)
  • Lunestedt - K45 country road, exit towards Hollen
  • Lunestedt - Quabenmoor dirt road
  • Düring - camp site/ Leutnantsbrückenweg
  • Nesse - "Im Dallfordel” dirt road
  • Nesse - Luneparzellen dirt road

Please note that the boarding and landing points are not designed for resting or camping.

Glide along the glistening water of the Lune river and experience an unspoilt plant and animal kingdom up close.

We aim to preserve this idyllic landscape, so we ask visitors to follow a few nature conservation instructions:

  • Park your vehicle in the designated car parks only
  • Keep your distance from the reeds as they are precious spawning areas and breeding grounds for many species of fish and birds
  • Find out the current water levels before departing on canoe and kayak vacations
  • Please respect the no-go times and only paddle along the Lune from 9 am until nightfall
  • Please do not drop litter
  • Please use vessels that will not damage the banks of the river when turning
  • The countryside is a generous host, please be a polite guest

The specifics of the tour

There are no public transport connections to the docking points along the Lune river. The local boat rental company can put on a shuttle service for guests by arrangement.