Nature conservation and navigation instructions

From Dannenbüttel to the confluence with the Oker: only possible to navigate with good water levels in spring, mostly unnavigable during summer due to weedage. The Mittelaller can be accessed all year round up to Celle. From Celle onwards it is a federal waterway that can be accessed in any season; however, during the summer months you need to be aware of motor boats and water skiers, especially at the weekends. You will also come across small passenger ships here and there. There are possibilities for portage at the weirs. We do not recommend travelling along the weir arms as this takes a considerable amount of time. The lock attendants are not obliged to pass individual canoeists through a lock, but more than one canoeist will be permitted to pass through the lock. Equally, groups of at least 3 boats can pass through the lock.

The specifics of the tour

All larger places on the way provide access and docking points. You can also take a break and sample the eateries here. Canoe-friendly places are signposted with the “yellow wave” on the banks. Gifhorn, Müden, Celle, Hodenhagen, Bosse, Rethem and Verden are perfect places to stop along the way.

The meandering course of the Aller has created sand banks at some slip-off slopes where it is possible to stop. For example, Frankenfeld-Bosse has become a popular place to take a break because of its sand banks.


You can find more information and maps at the local tourist information centres along the river.