Eltzer mill at the Fuhse
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The source of the Fuhse stream, a tributary of the Aller river, is situated in the foothills of the Harz mountains. Its mouth is located 100 km away in the historic ducal residence town of Celle, Germany where it flows into the Aller. As a grassland stream, the Fuhse meanders through forests and wetlands. This German river is perfect for beginners as its depth is moderate and its current rather weak. Canoe tours from the town of Peine are highly recommended. A special highlight at the end of the day is a trip to the historic Eltz watermill in Uetze. Along the next section of the river between Uetze and Celle, the Fuhse starts to evolve into a heathland river, before it ultimately reaches the ducal residence town of Celle. A short walk to The Royal House of Hanoverschloss palace is a wonderful way to end the canoe trip.

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“A number of animal species live along the Fuhse, including kingfishers, herons, mallard ducks, swans and fish. But you will only be able to spot them if you keep quiet and remain alert. With a bit of luck, visitors will also find trout and other species of fish in the water. Relax during your canoe adventure and enjoy the natural world as you glide along the Fuhse.”

– Sina Riedel, Wito GmbH.


Nature conservation and navigation instructions

Dense vegetation in summer up to the village of Eltze. The routes from the town of Peine are highly recommended. Most of the Wehre river is open in summer. One-person canoes can be used on the Fuhse almost all year round. Two-person canoes require a decent water level.

The specifics of the tour

Guided canoe tours and hire are available along the section of the tour between Peine’s district of Eixe and Uetze. There are various possible starting points here. By arrangement, the canoes can be taken to the following starting points: Peine, Oelerse, Dollbergen or Dedenhausen. Canoes can be hired from these starting points or guided canoe tours can begin from here.

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