Kuhmühler forest, © Touristikverband Landkreis Rotenburg (Wümme)  e.V./ Udo Fischer/ Petra Welz
© Touristikverband Landkreis Rotenburg (Wümme) e.V./ Udo Fischer/ Petra Welz

Nordpfad Kuhbach-Oste

10 km
Level of difficulty
Type of tour
Circular tour
Recommended month:JFMAMJJASOND
Recommended months for a hike: Optimal

The narrow Kuhbach stream snakes its way through the gentle rolling hills of the Geest landscape until it flows into the natural riverbed of the Oste. A watermill once stood at the lower course of the Kuhbach stream. The historic buildings dotted around the mill pond now belong to the Kuhmühlen recreation area.

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Schröder ***S hotel and restaurant

Detlef Schröder

Am Kuhbach 1

27419 Groß Meckelsen

Tel.: +49 (0) 42 82 / 50 88 0



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Arrival and departure

There are free parking facilities at the starting points:

Starting point 1: Hotel Restaurant Schröder, Am Kuhbach 1, 27419 Groß Meckelsen

Starting point 2: Car park by the Kuhbachbrücke bridge, just off the K126 road, 27419 Groß Meckelsen

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