Hiking, © Touristikverband Landkreis Rotenburg (Wümme)  e.V. / Udo Fischer
© Touristikverband Landkreis Rotenburg (Wümme) e.V. / Udo Fischer

Nordpfad Kempowskis Idylle

23 km
Level of difficulty
Type of tour
Circular tour
Recommended month:JFMAMJJASOND
Recommended months for a hike: Optimal

The circular hiking trail gives hikers the chance to get to know the forest area of Steinfelder Holz, the moors, megalithic tombs and the village of Nartum with its population of 750. Walter Kempowski, one of the great German writers of the 20th century, lived in this idyllic spot for 42 years.


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Melkhus Nartum

Mulmshorner Str. 10

27404 Nartum

Tel.: +49 (0) 42 88 / 257



A Melkhus is a “milk service station” in which farmers sell their dairy products on their agricultural production site. Guests at the farm can also learn about the world of agriculture.


Things to see

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Arrival and departure

There are free parking facilities at the starting points of the NORDPFAD

Starting point 1 - 27404 Nartum: Melkhus Intemann, Mulmshorner Str. 10, 600 m from the NORDPFAD

Starting point 2 - 27412 Steinfeld: Steinfelder Holz, Am Walde

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