Bad Lauterberg, Hausberg, © Harzer Tourismusverband, M. Gloger
© Harzer Tourismusverband, M. Gloger

Karstwanderweg Südharz

3280 m
3211 m
178 km
highest point
568 m
Type of tour
Straight-course tour
Recommended month:JFMAMJJASOND
Recommended months for a hike: Optimal

The Karstwanderweg Südharz hiking trail is one of the longest and most varied routes in Germany. Along the way, expansive views over the foothills of the southern Harz mountains contrast with interesting close encounters in the forest. The Karstwanderweg is both an adventure and an educational trail for hikers.

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The Tour is continuously signposted with this standardised logo.


Arrival and departure

You can reach both the starting point and final destination by bus.

The specifics of the tour

Owing to the geographical conditions, the Karstwanderweg becomes two parallel hiking trails in the district of Osterode. All signposts and path markers have been renewed over the past few years to ensure that hikers do not get lost.

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