In­form­a­tion for the Nord­p­fad Dör’t Moor trail

Free parking is available at the starting points of the trail:

Starting point 1: 27356 Rotenburg (Wümme): Großer Bullensee parking area, Am großen Bullensee
Starting point 2: 27356 Unterstedt: Gasthaus Waldhof, Hauptstraße 26, about 1.8 kilometres from the NORDPFAD trail

Special features of the trail

The ‘Kleine Moorrunde’ loop: The 7.5 kilometre Kleine Moorrunde loop in the NABU trail guide system leads to the Butterweg and is an ideal alternative to the main trail. ‘Dee Bodderpad’ (‘The Butter Path’ in Low German) was once the shortest distance between Kirchwalsede and Rotenburg. Many farmers on the moor travelled this difficult path to sell their butter in Rotenburg.

Links with other NORDPFADEN trails:
The NORDPFAD trail runs parallel to the 21.3 kilometre NORDPFAD Rotenburger Wasserreich trail for a while. There is an access path (1.1 kilometre) to starting point 2 of the 13.7 kilometre NORDPFAD Federlohmühlen trail.

Further reading

Guide book: The 24 most beautiful hikes between Hamburg and Bremen.
You can order this on the NORDPFADE website.

Alternatives, variations, access paths and detours to and from the local train stations can be found on the details page for this tour on the NORDPFADE website.