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Salt wa­ter & sul­phur

In addition to providing healing salty water, the sea is also a source of another natural salty remedy from deep inside the Earth: brine. This natural water contains valuable mineral salts such as magnesium, sodium and potassium chlorides. It makes its way to the surface either naturally or through boreholes. The nutrients dissolved in the water, such as sulphur, iodine or carbon dioxide, have a strong stimulating effect on the body and are used in therapeutic and healing programmes.

For salt water to become natural brine, at least 15 grams of salt must be dissolved in a litre of water. The buoyancy of the salt water in natural brine baths relieves joints, strengthens skin and tissue and boosts the immune system. Natural brine is also recommended for rheumatism and follow-up treatments after bone fractures. Drift away and float almost weightlessly in the warm brine water.

A teaspoon of brine in a glass of natural spring water. Mineral water treatments with natural brine can alleviate allergies, respiratory conditions or kidney and bladder diseases. Natural brine promotes digestion and has a positive effect on your circulation and the body’s defences. Or you can take a deep breath and inhale the fine droplets of brine – salty air can have a positive impact on body and mind. Brine cleanses, detoxes and releases new energy.

Sulphur has long been famous for its healing properties. Ancient civilisations were the first to use sulphur treatments and mineral water cures containing a mixture of sulphur and brine to ease a number of ailments. The active ingredient in the treatment is natural sulphuric gas found in sulphur springs on the Earth’s surface. Sulphur is mainly used to treat inflammatory rheumatic diseases, musculoskeletal disorders and skin diseases. It relieves pain and reduces inflammation in addition to boosting the immune system.

See for yourself and discover the power of salt water and sulphur here in Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony):