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Cli­mate & air

Imagine standing in a tiny clearing in Harz Mountains Nationalpark. The fir trees give off a resinous scent and you breathe in deeply – can you feel the beneficial effects of this clean air? The healthy air nurses you back to full fitness, boosts your circulation and has a preventive effect.

The Earth’s climate consists of several elements that can look after, strain or stimulate our bodies. The purity of the air or its high level of moisture can have soothing effects, whereas pollution or humidity have a more negative impact on our bodies. Stimulating factors include the wind and air temperature. In healthy climates, the negative factors are low, and are outweighed by the stimulants and soothing elements.

A number of aspects determine the effects of healthy air, and visitors can experience this particularly clearly in spa towns and health spas with excellent climates. Healthy air does you good: it helps patients during recovery and in treating acute conditions. The elements and their healing properties vary depending on the destinations in Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony). As each guest has his or her own individual needs, it is impossible to refer to a “healthy climate” in general terms. In order to offer treatments, a unique mix of stimulating and soothing factors must be applied to each individual patient, depending on their ailment and physique.

Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony)’s climatic health and wellness retreats are split into various bioclimatic zones. The Harz mountains boast a soothing and mild climate. The forests provide oxygen-rich air, which has an extremely positive impact on the cardiovascular system and respiratory tract. By the North Sea, Germany, the often strong winds carry fine droplets of seawater in the air, which are very rich in aerosols of salt, iodine and magnesium. A stay along the North Sea coast is highly recommended for sufferers of allergies, asthma or bronchitis.

The “Luftkurort” (Climatic Spa) title is awarded only in compliance with strict criteria: scientific proof of the air's therapeutic effect for salt water therapy cures is required for this seal of approval. In addition to a medical and meteorological report, the destination needs to offer sufficient facilities for healthy retreats, as is standard in climatotherapy. These include a climate pavilion or a solarium or sunbathing area.

Exercise out in the fresh air is excellent for the body, mind and soul. A healing climate works best with the right combination of exercise and breathing pure, fresh air.

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