Mountain bikers in Solling-Vogler on the way, © Solling-Vogler-Region
© Solling-Vogler-Region

Solling-Vo­gler Nature Park moun­tain bik­ing net­work

Fancy some thrilling descents, challenging ascents, majestic views and nature all round? Then you’ve come to the right place: the Solling-Vogler Nature Park mountain biking region! Whether you are a road bike racer, amateur cyclist or family, the topographical conditions and circular route system, in which cyclists are free to either take individual routes or explore the network, means everyone will find the perfect mountain biking trail here. A total of 15 different individual bike routes (from 24 to 59 km in length) await covering a total distance of 760 kilometres and 17,000 metres in altitude. All tours have different difficulty levels. So we have something for every extreme, from a family circuit to a “TorTour” (ultracycling tour). In addition, based on these circular routes, there is a multi-day tour on offer covering 200 km and approx. 4,500 metres in altitude which can be ridden in 2 to 4 days and, unlike in other similar mountain biking regions, leads back to the starting point.
The mountain biking region is in the Solling-Vogler Nature Park in the southern part of the Weserbergland (Weser Uplands). The Solling-Vogler Nature Park spans some 54,000 hectares. Solling is known for its vast forests, gentle rolling hills, meadow valleys, clear streams and seemingly unspoilt moors. The Vogler hills offer a contrast to this. With the frequent changes between narrow ridges, steep hillsides and deeply carved valleys, this mountain range has an untamed feel to it. At the same time, a particularly diverse, unique and beautiful cultural landscape awaits mountain bikers here.

Specific features of the route

Test your adrenaline and ride the mountain bike trails between Neuhaus and Silberborn. This is a challenging 7.3 kilometre route with narrow singletrails, a disused quarry, gravelled forest tracks, some jumps and speedy descents to thrill any biking enthusiast. The Solling Fun Park near Merxhausen is also an ideal spot for downhill, dual eliminator and cross-country riding!


The cycle route network consists of 15 circuits, all consistently signposted with the relevant bike route number in the difficulty level colour. As with skiing there are so-called “Black routes” (= difficult), “Red routes” (= medium difficulty) and “Blue routes” (= easy). The individual circuits can also be combined with one another. There is also the option of doing a multi-day tour covering the whole of the Solling-Vogler Nature Park. The routes are only signposted in one direction to prevent any possible problematic encounters with other riders. The signs are usually placed on wooden posts, road signs or street lights. Signs are only painted onto tree trunks in exceptional cases.

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