“Kunstwegen” art trails with “raumsichten” (spacespectives)

Perhaps no longer an insider tip, but this is a must-see for tourists to the region.

The “kunstwegen” art trails are Europe’s largest open museum of contemporary art, and an international phenomenon. From Nordhorn in Germany to Zwolle in the Netherlands, more than 80 installations and exhibits were installed between 1998 and 2000 in the great outdoors along the Vechtetalroute for visitors to discover. In 2012, the “kunstwegen” art trails were extended from the village of Ohne on the border to North Rhine-Westphalia up to Nordhorn, and around 20 “raumsichten” (spacespectives) projects were added.

A cycle ride with an outdoor cultural adventure – perhaps it is an insider tip after all!

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Sonja Scherder, Grafschaft Bentheim Tourismus, GBT