Arrival and departure

The EmsRadweg starts approx. 7 km outside Hövelhof. You can park your car for free for several days at a time at Hövelhof Central Station or approximately 150 m down the road on Bahnhofstraße between the police station and Town Hall.

The specifics of the tour

Ems ferry: the “Ditzum” Ems ferry connects the municipality of Jemgum to Emden’s district of Petkum.

You can find information on the schedule and prices on the website for the district of Leer.

Weener railway bridge closure: the Weener railway bridge is closed until further notice. The Ems can currently only be crossed in Papenburg or near Leer.

The following are temporary alternative routes to the EmsRadweg:

If you are travelling from the South, you can access the normal EmsRadweg up to Weener. From here, the International Dollard Route on the left bank of the Ems takes cyclists on to Bingum (to the west of Leer), where they can rejoin the original EmsRadweg route.

If you are travelling from the North, you can also follow the EmsRadweg route to Höhe Weener (Hilkenborg). From here, the Deutsche Fehnroute on the right bank of the Ems will take cyclists to Papenburg, where they can rejoin the EmsRadweg.