Arrival and departure

We recommend starting and ending this cycle route by taking the train to Billerbeck Central Station or the train station in Zwolle in the Netherlands.
For those who are interested, we are happy to recommend a fascinating return journey by bike. It starts in Zwolle, heads across the Sallandse Heuvelrug National Park with one or two overnight stays and ends in Bad Bentheim, where cyclists can take the train home.

The specifics of the tour

Alternative routes at high tides are signposted around Schüttorf and Nordhorn, where the route runs along the banks of the Vechte river.

From May to October, cyclists and their bikes can be transported from one bank of the Dinkel river to the other with the “Haal over” hand-cranked ferry in Neuenhaus. The ferry has no motor: your muscle power is needed for the ferry to glide the 72 metre distance across the water.    

The exact same thing happens in Laar, where you can get from one bank of the river to the other on the “Fähr Harm” hand-cranked ferry.

At high tide, an alternative route is signposted for both ferries.