Landscape on the Elbe near Cuxhaven-Döse with Kugelbake, container ship, bicycles and beach chairs., © TMN/Dieter Schinner
© TMN/Dieter Schinner

From Teufelsmoor to the Wadden Sea

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This varied 450 km cycle path is an excellent way to combine culture and nature. Signposted with the lapwing logo, the route takes cyclists on a journey through the unique landscape between the Elbe and Weser rivers.

The Hanseatic city of Bremen is the perfect place for a stroll, with its historic market square (home to the Town Hall and statue of Roland, both UNESCO World Heritage Sites), the winding alleyways in the Schnoor district and the tale of the Bremen Town Musicians, before the lapwing logo points cyclists in the direction of Bremerhaven. The many distributaries, islands and sand banks are typical of this route along the Unterweser river.

Backing onto the North Sea, Bremerhaven is heavily influenced by life on and with the water. Take a trip back in time and learn about all things nautical at the Deutsches Schiffahrtsmuseum (German Maritime Museum). How does it feel to leave your former life behind? Find out for yourself at the Deutsches Auswandererhaus (German Emigration Center museum). Or travel around the world at the Klimahaus. From Bremerhaven, cyclists have a choice: follow the coast or cycle through the expansive geest and moor to Cuxhaven. On the Ahlenmoor, the MoorInformationsZentrum (Moor Information Centre) and moor train provide visitors with information about the moors.

Route and sights

On a walk across the tidal flats by the Wadden Sea, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, or a stroll along the beach, visitors can breathe in the fresh sea breeze in the North Sea health spa of Cuxhaven, before following the Elbe to the historic coastal town of Otterndorf with its picture-perfect Old Town and heading on towards Wischhafen. Nature lovers will want to stop off at the Natureum Niederelbe (Niederelbe Nature Museum). On a ride through Kehdinger Moor, cyclists will find the Oste river, which they can cross on the transporter bridge. In Gräpel, they board the manually operated cable ferry to cross the river once again. They pass windmills and half-timbered houses to reach the Hanseatic port of Stade. The picturesque alleyways in the Old Town are worth exploring. From Stade, visitors can embark on a maritime adventure on a Tidenkieker flat-bottomed boat trip. Cyclists then ride across Stader Geest and through Mulsumer Moor to Bremervörde. In the nature reserve and adventure park by lake Vörder See, the Welt der Sinne (World of the Senses) complex, Café Dunkel, Haus des Waldes (House of the Forest) and much more wow visitors of all ages before they head past Huvenhoopsmoor, across the municipality of Gnarrenburg and on to Teufelsmoor. The artistic community in Worpswede is known far and wide. From here, you can follow the lapwing logo back to Bremen.

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A very special experience: trips along the Hamme river on a peat barge.

Visitors can travel part of the route between Bremen, Worpswede, Gnarrenburg, Bremervörde and Stade on the historic Moorexpress bus and bicycle trailer, which makes its way at a leisurely pace through the countryside at weekends and on bank holidays from May to October.

Take a little breather on the museum train between Bad Bederkesa and Bremerhaven. The 1950s-style train transports passengers and bicycles at weekends and on bank holidays from May to October.

Take a “refreshing break” at one of the Melkhus establishments in the districts of Rotenburg and Cuxhaven, which serve deliciously fresh dairy produce from May onwards.

Logo Teufelsmoor


The Tour is continuously signposted with this standardised logo.


Arrival and departure

Various train stations along the route, including:

  • Bremen
  • Osterholz-Scharmbeck
  • Bremervörde
  • Stade
  • Cuxhaven
  • Bremerhaven

Bike and bus:

The Elbe-Radwanderbus shuttle bus in the holiday region of Altes Land am Elbstrom: a bus with a cycle trailer that runs along the Elbe river at weekends and on bank holidays from April to 3 October.

The specifics of the tour

Schedule for the transporter bridge across the Oste:

April and October: hourly, 12 pm to 4 pm, Sat, Sun and bank holidays: hourly from 11 am to 5 pm

Mai and September: Hourly from 11 am to 5 pm (including Sat, Sun and bank holidays)

June, July, August: Every 30 minutes, 10 am to 6 pm

Schedule for the Gräpel cable ferry:

01.05. - 15.10.: Monday-Friday plus weekends and bank holidays: 10 am to 7 pm. When the ferry is not running, please take an alternative route!

Your Contact

Gästeinformation für Worpswede und das Teufelsmoor

Bergstr. 13
27726 Worpswede
Phone: 04792-935820

BTZ Bremer Touristik-Zentrale

Findorffstr. 105
28215 Bremen
Phone: +49 (0) 421 / 3080010