Biosphaerium Elbtalaue, © Elberadweg Nord/ J.Harbeck
© Elberadweg Nord/ J.Harbeck

Elbe Cycle Route

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The fresh sea breeze follows cyclists from Wadden Sea National Park through the maritime region of the Unterelbe river, past tiny towns and orchards to Hamburg. The quiet and pristine Flusslandschaft Elbe Biosphere Reserve does visitors the world of good.

It was voted one of the most popular cycle routes in Germany (ADFC RadReiseAnalyse 2023).

Route and sights

The Elberadweg from Cuxhaven and Brunsbüttel to Wittenberge unveils 340 kilometres of fascinating insights into the nature and culture of a 1,260 km long-distance cycle path. The route takes cyclists through sleepy little towns as well as the vibrant metropolis of Hamburg, and crosses Wadden Sea National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, in addition to Hamburg’s Elbmarsch and the Elbtalaue (Elbe valley floodplain). In the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Flusslandschaft Elbe, visitors find themselves in pristine natural surroundings, as plants and animals had been left undisturbed here along the Inner German border for decades. A trip on one of the many cruise vessels along the Elbe may be a worthwhile addition to your tour, as cyclists are more than welcome to enjoy a short – or long – stint on the water. Alternatively, cyclists can enjoy a relaxing day off on board one of the vessels.

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Arrival and departure

The best way to get to this cycle trail is via Hamburg Central Station, Lüneburg Central Station via the Alte Salzstraße (Old Salt Route) to Lauenburg an der Elbe, Hitzacker (situated on the Elbe river), Stade and Cuxhaven as well as Boizenburg and Wittenberge. The Elberadwanderbus shuttle bus around Stade is a great way to discover the holiday region of Altes Land am Elbstrom at weekends and on bank holidays in parallel with Germany’s most popular long-distance cycle path. It also offers a quick break on your tour along the Elbe river.


The specifics of the tour

The Elbe is a very natural river, and is still heavily influenced by high and low tides, which can affect ferry schedules, the use of barrages, dykes and dyke defence paths. The grazing sheep on the green dykes by the Elbe will accompany you along these paths. In Hamburg, cyclists can use ferries operated by the HVV Transport Alliance from Hamburg’s Cranz district to the Landungsbrücken floating dock and relax as they enjoy the city from this perspective.

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