Cycling in the Hannover Region
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Culture Route through Hanover and the surrounding area

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Extending over some 800 kilometres, the “Culture Route” boasts a stunning mix of cultural “beacons” and other destinations including the Royal Gardens of Herrenhausen, Celle Castle, Loccum Abbey and UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Hildesheim and Alfeld. Excellent train links open up the option of a number of one-day loops by bike and train.

Route and sights

There is so much to see and do in Hanover and the surrounding area. So much in fact that the cycle tour has been divided up into 15 stages, which link the rich culture in the city to the nearby towns located in a landscape characterised by rivers, heathland and lakes. You can add to the stages and mix them up to your heart’s content, making the Culture Route the perfect choice if you are looking for a great day out.

Hanover is a fantastic starting point for cycle tours in the region between the Weser, Leine and Aller rivers. With stunning scenery, fascinating cultural sites and breath-taking towns, you won’t run out of places to explore. For example, there’s the half-timbered town of Celle with its magnificent castle grounds, the neo-Gothic Marienburg Castle, Bückeburg Castle with its mausoleum and riding school, the moated Coppenbrügge Castle and Landestrost Castle in the Weser Renaissance style.

If you are feeling particularly spiritual, you will find plenty of churches and abbeys, including two World Heritage Sites in Hildesheim, St. Martini church and mausoleum in Stadthagen and abbeys in Loccum, Walsrode and Wienhausen.

There is a huge selection of interesting museums that are enough to make your trip worthwhile on their own.

For those in search of some peace and quiet, there is plenty of opportunity to relax as you take in the beautiful cultural landscapes along the way and visit natural points of interest such as the largest glacial erratic in Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony).

The Steinhuder Meer is another top destination as the largest lake in the north-west of Germany, covering some 32 square kilometres.

Chocoholics with a soft spot for the very best will also need to fit in a trip to the chocolate museum in Peine.

You will even be spoilt for choice if you love to take in a show when you’re on a trip – the Pied Piper open-air plays in Hameln (Hamelin) and the Domfestspiele theatre festival in Bad Gandersheim are two solid choices.

The state capital of Hanover has lots to offer in this department too, such as events in the Royal Gardens of Herrenhausen and the annual Maschsee Lake Festival.

The best part is that you can head back in style on the train after the day’s stage, giving you plenty of time to plan out the next one. It’s so practical and convenient!


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Do you know how chocolate is made?
You can find out for yourself at the Rausch SchokoLand chocolate factory in the town of Peine. You can even have a go at making your own chocolate if you book as a small group. The chocolate starts off warm and runny so it can be poured.
Once you’ve chosen between milk and dark chocolate, you can add your very own flavours, such as fruit, Smarties, almonds or other nuts. Combine your favourites from the 12 ingredients available to create your very own dream chocolate bar.
At the end, you get to take your finished product home with you in the form of two 250-g bars that you can keep for yourself or give away to someone special.

To make a booking or find out more, call +49 (0)5172 9492610. You will need between 10 and 20 people to form a group.


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Arrival and departure

Train stations: Hanover, Hildesheim, Bad Gandersheim, Elze, Hamelin, Stadthagen, Neustadt am Rübenberge, Schwarmstedt, Walsrode, Celle and Peine. All of the train stations listed are located in towns that are start or end points of daily stages.
If you are travelling on one of the long-distance trains, you will only be able to take your bike on board with a reservation. There is no need to book ahead on DB local trains, though, as bikes are always welcome as long as there is space for them.
You can find out about any exceptions to these rules by calling: +49 (0)511 5909000.

Special features

Routes nestled in amongst beautiful landscapes link 26 cultural “beacons”, two World Heritage Sites and over 120 tourist destinations with charming old towns in the “Hanover Extended Economic Area”.

The red signposts along the main route lead the way up north to the Aller river, across to Weser Uplands in the west and down south between the Süntel mountain range and Ith, back to the Leine river. This gives cycle tour adventurers starting off in Hanover the chance to explore Hildesheim, Bad Gandersheim, Alfeld, Elze, Hamelin, Bückeburg, Stadthagen, Neustadt am Rübenberge, Schwarmstedt and Celle. Alternative and extended routes with green and blue signposts connect up to Nienburg/Weser, Walsrode, Peine, Hämelschenburg Castle and the two memorial sites at Ahlem and Bergen-Belsen.

You will never be short of reasons to head off on a bike ride along the Culture Route. During the peak cycling season between April and October, there are many events to be found along the way, including concerts in castles, churches and gardens, shows and musicals, fascinating exhibitions and spectacular firework displays.

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