Park The Senses Place of the Idyll EN, © Stadt Laatzen / Reinhard Saxowski
© Stadt Laatzen / Reinhard Saxowski

Park der Sinne (Park of the Senses) Laatzen

The park is located between the Mastbrucher Holz nature reserve and the Leineaue, in direct proximity to the residential areas in the town of Laatzen and the southern border of the trade fair grounds. It conceals a former waste disposal site. After the EXPO 2000, this area was retained for those seeking relaxation. The motto ‘People - Nature - Technology’, and in particular the theme ‘The world as a garden’ or ‘The town and region as a garden’ has been implemented here in an exemplary and sustainable manner.

The Park der Sinne not only invites you for a walk in the green landscape, but also seeks to sharpen your senses. Air - Water - Fire - Earth: You can see, hear, feel, taste and smell these four elements at the different experience stations, experiencing them with all your senses.

A high wall densely covered with dog roses and other wild shrubs shields the park from the noise of the surrounding traffic. The seven hectares emulates a valley basin in shape, and is divided into sections. Paths run through the area, dry stone walls support the banks, tree and stone phenomena will astonish you and invite you to reflect, and the life-giving element of water constantly springs up and flows from various sources. The Valley of the Butterflies lies approximately in the centre of the park.
Perennials, rosebushes and other flowering shrubs create a paradisiacal habitat for butterflies, bees, bumblebees and other insect life.

The park is free of charge and is open all year round.

Park der Sinne (Park of the Senses) Laatzen

Karlsruher Straße 101
D-30880 Laatzen
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