International Wind and Watermill Museum in Gifhorn, © Südheide Gifhorn GmbH
© Südheide Gifhorn GmbH

In­ter­na­tion­al Wind and Wa­ter­mill Mu­seum

A touch of exoticism and history lies in the air at the unique International Wind and Watermill Museum in Gifhorn. The 100,000 square metre open-air site has 16 original mills. The exhibits range from the original replica of the historic German smock mill of “Sanssouci” through to an original Korean watermill. On the edge of the mill park, on the top of a small hill, stands a fascinating Russian stave church where services are regularly held. Smaller, but no less impressive, are the more than 50 wind and water mill models presented in the museum hall. The famous "Moulin de la Galette" in Montmartre, Paris, can be admired here, as can the mill of "La Mancha" in Spain, against which the legendary Don Quixote is said to have fought in vain.

International Wind and Watermill Museum

Bromer Str. 2
38518 Gifhorn
Phone: +49 (0) 5371 / 55466

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