Exibition about Migration and Integration in Celle Region, © Bomann-Museum Celle/ Fotostudio Loeper, Celle
© Bomann-Museum Celle/ Fotostudio Loeper, Celle

Bomann-Mu­seum Celle

Situated right opposite Celle Castle, the Bomann Museum is one of the biggest and most important museums in Niedersachsen. Its collections trace the cultural history of eastern Niedersachsen, Celle’s town history and the history of the state of Hanover. Seven permanent exhibitions highlight the cultural history of the city and the region in different ways.

An introductory chronology and a ten-minute film offer visitors a first overview of the history of the town and county of Celle. A highlight of the Bomann Museum is the fully furnished recreations of 19th-century interiors, including an entire Niedersachsen farmhouse and the living quarters and kitchen of a typical middle-class house. A tour presents the importance of agriculture for the cultural history of the Celle area. A further exhibition takes you to the Biedermeier epoch and shows the emergence of civilization in Celle. The upper floor is devoted to the development of industry and crafts. The top floor shows the migration to Celle land using three relevant examples, experiences with loss of home life and settling in a foreign place. A further exhibition is devoted to the discovery of the Lüneburger Heide by travelers, artists and writers.

In addition, the museum hosts special cultural and historical exhibitions. The pedagogical department of the museum offers a wide-ranging program for visitors of all age groups - from children's birthday to artist's workshop.

Bomann-Museum Celle

Schloßplatz 7
29221 Celle


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