Campener lighthouse Ostfriesland, © Bijzonder Plekje / Marleen Brekelmans
© Bijzonder Plekje / Marleen Brekelmans

Ger­many’s largest light­house in Campen

The Campen lighthouse standing at 65 metres high is Germany’s largest lighthouse. Its interesting structure takes the form of a lattice tower. Not only does it resemble the Eiffel Tower in Paris, it was also constructed in the same year. It is also commonly known as ‘The Eiffel Tower’s little brother’ or ‘The Eiffel Tower of the North Sea’.

The lighthouse was built in 1889 and stands northwest of Emden at the mouth of the Ems river in the North Sea. The tower is not just the biggest lighthouse in Germany, it is also the most powerful German light beacon with a range of approx. 55 kilometres.

A fantastic view awaits those who climb the 332 steps to the top. It’s worth it: on a clear day there is a wonderful view over the flat Krummhörn countryside and the Ems river. You can even see as far as the Netherlands and the North Sea island of Borkum.

You can find further information about the lighthouse on the Greetsiel website.