Bodenwerder – Baron Münchhausen, © © Paavo Blåfield / Deutsche Märchenstraße e.V.
© © Paavo Blåfield / Deutsche Märchenstraße e.V.

Boden­wer­der – Bar­on Münch­hausen

The internationally infamous liar Baron Münchhausen lived in Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony) – in the little town of Bodenwerder between Hameln (Hamelin) and Holzminden. From the legendary ride on the cannonball to riding on half a horse – all of these stories are attributed to the Baron of Münchhausen, a noble who resided in Münchhausen castle, a manor estate in the 18th century. The outrageous baron was so closely connected with Bodenwerder that today the town is often referred to with the prefix ‘Münchhausenstadt’, meaning ‘the Münchhausen town of Bodenwerder’. In addition to a museum, every year you can experience unbelievable stories in a Münchhausen musical during the Baron’s summer festival.