Die Evenburg in Leer, © Ostfriesland Tourismus GmbH
© Ostfriesland Tourismus GmbH

Even­burg Castle

Situated in southern East Frisia, Evenburg Castle is an old water castle; after falling into disrepair, it was rebuilt in the 19th century in the Dutch style by the Duke of Wedel. The castle is now owned by the district of Leer.

This utterly unique complex is an unmissable attraction for visitors and locals alike. Stroll around the castle grounds, past streams and ponds, mighty trees and over numerous bridges, and open your senses for nature, architecture, art and relaxation. Expert guides offer tours of the inside and outside of this important historical monument, taking in the large hall, the magnificent staircase, the lavishly embellished ceilings and the splendid entrance.

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