Springbrunnenallee - Kurpark Bad Pyrmont, © Niedersächsisches Staatsbad Pyrmont Betriebsgesellschaft mbH / Christian Wyrwa
© Niedersächsisches Staatsbad Pyrmont Betriebsgesellschaft mbH / Christian Wyrwa

Kur­park Bad Pyr­mont (Spa Gar­dens)

The 17 hectare, listed spa gardens in Bad Pyrmont attractively combine a network of tree-lined Baroque avenues and elements inspired by classical English landscaped parks, including several very rare tree species.

Since George Friedrich, Prince of Waldeck and Pyrmont, laid the foundation stone for the park when he had the main avenue laid out in 1668, the spa gardens have evolved gradually, incorporating a range of different garden styles and themes. One very special feature: the attractive tropical plants in the famous palm garden, where 330 types of palm trees and 400 sub-tropical pot plants and shrubs create a Mediterranean atmosphere.

The spa gardens play an important role in the resort’s health services: they are a place of serenity and reflection, the perfect environment in which to relax and unwind, recuperate and restore one’s inner balance. The scent of flowers, the exotic flair of the palms and the gentle splashing of the park’s numerous fountains transport visitors to another, more tranquil world.

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