Fischerhude truss, © Fotolia / Ralf Gosch
© Fotolia / Ralf Gosch


The artist village of Fischerhude is located in the vicinity of Bremen, in Otterberg.

The unique landscape of the Teufelsmoor attracted numerous artists between 1908 and 1925. Fischerhude lies only 15 km away from Worpswede, where another group of artists has also established itself. The village of Fischerhude, which today has approximately 3,000 inhabitants, became a Mecca for painters, sculptors and writers with its half-timbered buildings. They were fascinated by the earthiness and picturesque beauty of the location. Amongst others, Heinrich Breling, Otto Modersohn, Clara Rielke-Westhoff and Jan Bontjes van Beek established themselves and pursued their art here. Jan Bontjes van Beek founded a ceramic workshop, and his brand, Fischerhuder Kunst-Keramik, made the location famous nationwide.

The original beauty of the landscape has been preserved in Fischerhude even today, almost one hundred years later. The historical village centre features ancient, towering trees and the typical half-timbered farmhouses with reed roofs. As before, cobblestone paths still lead visitors to the many cafes and artisans.

In addition, Fischerhude boasts several museums today, including the Otto-Modersohn-Museum, the KAFF – Kunst am Fluss Fischerhude (Art on the River Fischerhude) or the Heimathaus Irmintraut, a small museum village in the middle of Fischerhude.