Kais­er­worth Gos­lar/ Harz moun­tains

In the market square of the city of Goslar in the Harz mountains is the Kaiserworth hotel. This is the historical guildhall of Kaiserworth, which was built in 1484 and has been used as a hotel for almost 200 years. The impressive building with its arcades and corbel figures testifies to the wealth of the merchants and the city of Goslar at that time. It is a two-storey, late Gothic building with a gabled roof. The façade was overbuilt several times over the course of the centuries. This has resulted in a melange of historical styles, which gives the building a certain charm. The façade combines decorative gothic and Baroque details.

Would you like to stay overnight in this historical house? Experience the bustle of the market square from a box seat.