Hundertwasser train station in Uelzen, © Heideregion Uelzen
© Heideregion Uelzen

Hun­der­t­wasser train sta­tion in Uelzen/ Lüneb­urg Heath

The Hundertwasser train station in Uelzen, which was designed by Friedensreich Hundertwasser, is one of the ten most beautiful railway stations in the world. The project was completed in 2000 during the EXPO and is one of the last works by the Viennese artist. The painter and architect Hundertwasser remodelled the old brick building into a very colourful work of art. His aversion to straight lines is easy to recognise: all the shapes are individual, fantastic and rounded. From the outside, you can admire brightly coloured columns and golden globes. Inside, you can marvel at imaginative mosaics, dazzling colours and the typical rounded corners.

The building now combines art, ecology and modernity in a special way: the largest roof-integrated photovoltaic system in Lower Saxony generates environmentally friendly electricity using solar power.