phaeno Wolfs­burg/ Braun­sch­wei­ger Land

The phaeno is a science centre and offers a world of experience for the whole family. You can conduct experiments and marvel at all manner of phenomena.

The building itself is also very impressive. It was designed by Zaha Hadid, a star architect originally from Iraq. The building was designed in an avant-garde idiom, can be used flexibly and was completed in 2005. Its construction was exceptionally technologically demanding, using special state-of-the-art materials such as self-compacting concrete and specially developed glass façades. The building structure stands on conical feet and is elevated high above the street. Underneath the structure, a sort of artificial landscape opens up with gentle hills and valleys. The building is multifaceted and embodies a certain dynamism. Inside, at a height of seven metres, an adventure land of craters, caves and plateaus opens up. The British daily newspaper The Guardian described the phaeno as ‘one of the twelve most significant modern buildings in the world’.

Experience the impressive building when visiting Wolfsburg and get to know the phaeno from a different angle!