Couple - man and woman - having hydrotherapy water footbath in spa setting, © Kzenon - Fotolia
© Kzenon - Fotolia


The holistic approach of Kneipp Therapy is more appropriate today than ever before and continues to lead the way in naturopathy. Sebastian Kneipp developed the health concept in the mid-19th century, basing it on five basic principles. The health concept is a holistic natural therapy approach consisting of hydrotherapy and plant extracts as well as recommendations for exercise and nutrition. The concept can be used for prevention as well as the treatment of existing illnesses. Kneipp Therapy is an all-encompassing physiotherapeutic treatment which may only be practised by specially trained Kneipp spa staff.

Of course, a holistic approach such as this one requires the right environment: this is why Kneipp spas and therapeutic baths have all the necessary natural resources at their disposal, including water sources for cold and hot affusions, dew-walking and water treading. The spa is also in the midst of peaceful natural surroundings, helping visitors to relax and rediscover their inner equilibrium.
In 2015, “Kneippism – Traditional Knowledge and Practice According to Sebastian Kneipp” was recognised in UNESCO’s Nationwide Inventory of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

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