East Frisian Tea Ceremony, © Ostfriesland Tourismus GmbH / www.ostfriesland.de
© Ostfriesland Tourismus GmbH / www.ostfriesland.de

East Frisi­an Tea Cul­ture

If you are on holiday in East Frisia, you shouldn’t miss out on enjoying the iconic national beverage of East Frisia: East Frisian tea. In past times, family members used to get together for a cup of tea and enjoy spending time together. Today, it is still customary in East Frisia to offer visitors a cup of tea upon arrival. East Frisian tea typically consists of a blend of up to ten types of Assam teas, which makes for a very dark, strong tea. The aromatic beverage is served with cream and ‘kluntjes’, lumps of brown or white rock sugar.

In the East Frisian Tea Museum or at Bünting’s in Leer, you can experience a traditional tea ceremony and learn more about the cultivation of tea plants and the production of the famous East Frisian tea blend.

For more information on East Frisian tea, please see the official website of East Frisia.