3. The Wad­den Sea World Nat­ur­al Her­it­age Site in Cux­haven

The Wadden Sea of Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony): it’s definitely worth a visit and is a breathtaking sight viewed from any angle! In 2009, this natural landscape of Cuxhaven was officially declared a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site – and quite rightly so.

The tides of the North Sea have created a truly exceptional coastal landscape here.

Twice a day at low tide, the water recedes to reveal a unique world of animals and plants. The best way of exploring it is by walking across the mudflats. In the first photo, Martin Elsen gives us a striking view of what a walk across the mudflats looks like from above. The Wadden Sea landscape looks surreal, almost like a moonscape.

The second photo perfectly captures the reflection of the sun and clouds in the mudflats of Cuxhaven, and the endless landscape seems to merge with the horizon – what perfect timing!