Lessinghaus in Wolfenbüttel. Here Lessing lived and wrote many of his books. Today a literature museum., © Stadt Wolfenbüttel / Christian Bierwagen
© Stadt Wolfenbüttel / Christian Bierwagen

Less­ing­haus Wolfen­büt­tel

The ducal librarian’s house, which was built in the style of a late-Baroque French country estate, was used by Lessing as a residence. He lived and worked here from 1777 until his death in 1781. Shortly after moving in, his wife Eva König and their child died. He set up his study in the room where they died and wrote Nathan the Wise and other works here. He also completed the bourgeois tragedy Emilia Galotti in Wolfenbüttel.

The museum in the Lessinghaus chronicles the time Lessing (1729 - 1781) spent in Wolfenbüttel (1770 - 1781), and commemorates one of the greatest German poets that ever lived.


Lessingplatz 1
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