Von-Velen-Anlage, © Papenburg Marketing GmbH / Ute Müller
© Papenburg Marketing GmbH / Ute Müller

Von-Velen Open-Air Mu­seum

The city of Papenburg unveils its original beauty in the Von-Velen-Anlage. Historic dwellings, from the Torfpütte peat huts to the captain’s houses, chronicle the city’s eventful past.

Follow the knowledgeable museum guides and learn more about the everyday lives of the first settlers on the barren moor. Life-sized bronze statues, including ‘Jan Treck an’ and Hinnerk the fisherman, convey the stories of the settlers. The historic ‘Papenbörger Hus’, an old farming burgher and captain’s house, was built in 1820 and is the showpiece of the open-air museum. Here, you can relish the rustic ambiance and enjoy the spectacular buckwheat pancakes, the ‘poor man’s food’ back in the old days, with a ‘Köppken’ of tea.

For more information visit the website of Von-Velen-Anlage.

Von-Velen Open-Air Museum

Splitting rechts 56
26871 Papenburg
Phone: +49 (0) 4961 / 73742