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Welcome to the place where culture meets cuisine and Lessing meets liqueur.

As the first planned Renaissance town, Wolfenbüttel became the residence of the Royal House of Hanover for more than three centuries. Left largely unscathed by the wars throughout history and preserved by the locals with love and understanding, Wolfenbüttel’s Old Town still harks back to the times of holding court with its 600+ half-timbered houses, the world-famous Herzog August Bibliothek (Herzog August Library), the Lessinghaus (home to Gotthold Ephraim Lessing), the first Protestant church and the glorious palace.

And as gardeners have lived and worked in the town for centuries, Wolfenbüttel's corners and squares are always in full bloom. Gotthold Ephraim Lessing lived, loved, worked and suffered here; this is where he wrote his plays “Nathan the Wise” and “Emilia Galotti”.

This is also where the world-famous Jägermeister herb liqueur was invented, and where the best kitchens have been built for Michelin-starred chefs from all over the world. New foodie concepts have been tried and tested using regional produce in these renowned institutions.


Stadt Wolfenbüttel
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Wolfenbüttel Palace

Wolfenbüttel Palace contains the only state and private apartments of the High and Late Baroque in Niedersachsen

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Main Church BMV
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Lessinghaus in Wolfenbüttel. Here Lessing lived and wrote many of his books. Today a literature museum.
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Lessinghaus Wolfenbüttel

The great poet and philosopher Gotthold Ephraim Lessing spent the final years of his life living in this house, which has since been transformed into a literature museum. His world-famous play Nathan…

Historic old town of Wolfenbüttel
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Duke August Library in Wolfenbüttel.
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Herzog August Library Wolfenbüttel

Do you want to admire the most expensive manuscript in the world? This world-renowned research institute proudly displays the Gospels of Henry the Lion, the most expensive volume in the world.

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