Dschungelpalast - Elefanten baden, © Zoo Hannover GmbH
© Zoo Hannover GmbH

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Over the last few years Hannover Adventure Zoo has developed into a zoo and theme park that's unique in Europe. The zoo displays over 2,000 animals in the exciting gorilla mountain, jungle palace, Mullewapp, Meyer's farm, the Australian Outback, Zambezi and Yukon Bay themed areas. The exciting themed areas allow the visitors to really come face to face with the animals.

The world tour starts by the Zambezi

Experience Africa to the full in Zambezi Land, on a boat ride among the hippopotami, rhinoceroses, flamingos and pelicans. In the neighbouring jungle palace, you'll think you're in the middle of the Indian sub-continent. The magnificent palace is home to a herd of elephants, the most popular animals in the zoo. The colourful children's area Mullewapp makes the young visitors' hearts jump and on gorilla mountain, you can watch the gentle giants climbing in the open enclosure. On Meyer's farm, on the other hand, it's the countryside of Lower Saxony that comes to life. The family of pigs wallow happily in the mud and cute ponies and Friesian cows graze on the meadows. School groups can enjoy biology lessons with some real biology in the zoo school. And if you're looking for somewhere really special to throw a party, the zoo could be just what you're looking for.

Canada-landscape Yukon Bay

This unique landscape including stream, bay and most notably the fascinating underwater world covers an area of 2,000 sqm: You can see polar bears under water! There are only a handful of zoos that can offer their visitors such views…

The seventh theme world in the Hannover adventure zoo is the new home of the polar bears, caribous, penguins, timber wolves, bison, and sea bears. In addition, the thematic adventure gastronomy that includes an ice cream parlour will take care of your well-being – enjoy Canada!

Zoo Hannover

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