TOP Country Line Nordseehotel Freese

Onthe East FrisianNorth SeaislandJuist theNordseehotelFreeseinvites you to an unforgettableholiday.Thefamily-run hotel, by this time in the third generation, offersa homelyatmosphere pairedwithFriesianhospitality.

Recreation, restandrelaxationare very importantin ourhouse.Enjoylong walkson the14 km longsandybeach,swim lapsin the hotel'sswimming pool, or enjoyhothours inour twosaunas.Ourwellnessand spadepartment"AquaAgil" roundsoff the daywith high-qualityapplicationsand products.

Ourrestaurant"Hubertusklause" as well as the cozy hotel bar take care of your physical well-being.Enjoyfine diningwitha fine selection of  wines.

Welook forwardto your visit,
your family Freese and employees.


  • baggage Service
  • Offersrangeof specialdiets,for examplegluten-free orlactose-freefoods
  • flexiblecheck-in/check-outtimes
  • Petsallowed /Costperday: -(Dogs onrequest)8
  • 1 barrierfree room
  • Non smoking rooms
Hotel 4 Sterne (DEHOGA-Klassifizierung)

TOP Country Line Nordseehotel Freese

Wilhelmstr. 60 - 61
26571 Nordseeheilbad Juist
Phone: +49 (0) 4935 / 8010


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