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Kurpark (Spa Gardens) Bad Bevensen

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Visitors can walk from the Old Town over five bridges into the beautiful Kurpark. Attractive pedestrian and bike paths lead directly into the spa quarter. The Kurpark, comprising approximately 12 hectares of land, surrounds a spa resort. The area gradually developed into its current shape and size from the 1970s onwards, after the construction of the spa resort. Over 560 trees, the oldest of these almost 180 years old, provide visitors with shade in the summer. Many of the approximately 90 varieties of tree, such as the Caucasian wingnut and the Chinese cryptomeria, were in fact imported from realms far, far away. Sun-lovers can also relax in the park during the cooler seasons of the year. The sun trap offers a place to rest, protected from the wind and the weather. As the sun’s rays enter, the heat is stored in the glass building and the clay wall. High-quality wooden furniture invites you to sit or lie down. In recent years, the Kurpark has undergone a substantial redesign. Several paths have been re-routed to make them weather-resistant and wheelchair-friendly. In 2011, the large wooden pergola and the lake promenade were added as part of the Rabattenpark.

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