Illumination Coral Reef, © HEZ/ Günther Jentsch
© HEZ/ Günther Jentsch

Höh­len­Er­leb­n­isZen­trum Iberg Drip­stone Cave in Bad Grund

Kinderferienland Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony)
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Per­haps not so ideal for the very young – but from age three and up, the world is there to be ex­plored, es­pe­cially un­der­ground! The Höh­len­Er­leb­n­isZen­trum is par­tic­u­larly suited to fam­il­ies big and small. The high­light for chil­dren is, of course, the mys­ter­i­ous world of the an­cient drip­stone cave. There are fos­sil­ised sea creatures, high sinter cas­cades, awe-in­spir­ing stalag­mites and fant­ast­ic sin­ters to dis­cov­er. It is the king­dom of the good dwarf king Hübich, who, ac­cord­ing to le­gend, lives in the Iberg and sleeps in the cave.

The path to the cave is ap­prox­im­ately 160 metres up­hill un­der the ground through the Iberg. It was once a cor­al reef in the South Pa­cific. The reef ex­per­i­enced a great deal on its voy­age to the earth’s north­ern hemi­sphere: on the way it ex­per­i­enced the ori­gin of plants and an­im­als, di­no­saurs, floods, the fold­ing of the moun­tains and much more.

HöhlenErlebnisZentrum Iberger Tropfsteinhöhle

An der Tropfsteinhöhle 1
37539 Bad Grund
Phone: +49 (0) 5327 / 829391


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