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Hannover Airport Adventure World

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Hannover Airport is a fascinating place - and a great destination for an excursion the whole family will enjoy! There’s so much to experience, and that’s the case at any time - not just when you are about to fly away.

World of Aviation exhibition

Why do aeroplanes fly? How did we humans make our age-old dream of flying come true? Learn all about it! At the exhibition, you will find real aeroplanes to explore, displays with explanations on interesting topics and physical experiments to try out. Here, fans will quickly turn into experts - and this is true not only for adult visitors!

Alternatively, you can explore the airport from a different perspective and learn all about sustainability. The exhibition and themed displays present an engaging overview of the topic.

Visitors’ terrace

What’s the best place to look at aeroplanes? From above, of course. That’s why a visit to the visitors’ terrace is so rewarding. It offers a panoramic view of the activities on the apron and the entire airport terrain. Do take a close look. From here, you can watch aeroplanes loading cargo, taking off and landing. It also offers a fantastic view of the skyline of Hannover and the Deister mountains.

Flight simulators

How does it feel to sit in the cockpit of an aeroplane? Try it and see! You don’t even need to be a trained pilot: anyone can use one of the authentic flight simulators. You can choose between an Airbus A320 and a Boeing B737.

Hannover Airport discovery tours

How do airports operate? What happens to your luggage after check in? And what does the airport fire brigade do? Discover everything that usually remains hidden from passengers on a discovery tour at Hannover Airport. The airport offers seven guided tours of different durations to choose from.

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