Sauna Tisanerie, © Staatsbad Norderney GmbH / Nicholas Chibac
© Staatsbad Norderney GmbH / Nicholas Chibac

bade:haus norderney

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Close to the water and far from the hustle and bustle, surrounded by dunes and salt marshes with the beach within reach. Several design themes – including straight lines and structures, minimalism and simple shapes – run through this German spa. The high-quality natural materials used to furnish the bade:haus spa give it a sophisticated ambiance without detracting from any of the building’s unusual architecture. This is the perfect place for seawater to take centre stage: bade:haus norderney really is the home of thalasso spa.

Elements for the soul

Fire and water are the focal points of the bade:haus health spa. Each one has its own dedicated level.

  • The water level: experience the element of water in every possible way – cold or hot, drops or cascades, indoors or outdoors, trickles or waterfalls.
  • The fire level: fire becomes a sensation on the upper floor – sweat, steam and cool off above the rooftops of Norderney. Warm up and chill out by the open fire.
  • Family thalasso spa: refreshingly different, surprisingly new and unique to Norderney island – a family swimming pool with thunder and lightning, a monsoon shower and earth sauna, amber cave and mud playground, wave pool and sandworm slide.

Staying at bade:haus norderney

Guests spend the day in a warm, feel-good atmosphere, so why should evenings be any different? From water jets to the water bed, loungers to the sofa: the bade:haus apartment hotel Germany is a wonderful place to end your spa day. Simply slip into your bathrobe and either climb the stairs or take the lift up to the stylish rooms. With a separate kitchen and bedroom, the apartments can sleep one or two people.

The accommodation is just a stone’s throw from the German spa and a 200 m walk from the seafront promenade.  Experience culture, nature and thalasso spa treatments and immerse yourself in bade:haus norderney.


Pool area

  • Exercise pool (32 °C)
  • Heated pool (42 °C)
  • Cold pool (14 °C)
  • Salt-water pool (36 °C); salt content similar to that of the Dead Sea
  • Outdoor pool (34 °C) with pool lounge chairs and massage jets
  • Waterfall showers
  • Salt water therapy steam room
  • Quiet rooms with water beds and other facilities
  • Water aerobics classes


  • Sauna (100 °C)
  • Traditional 90 °C sauna
  • Bio sauna (55 °C)
  • Steam sauna
  • 80 °C outdoor Kelo sauna on the roof – with views across Norderney island and the North Sea
  • Lavish quiet rooms with heated loungers and open fires
  • Rooftop terrace
  • Lounge (food and drink available)

Family thalasso spa pool

  • Salt-water surf wave pool
  • Sandworm slide: water comes from every angle as you plunge head first down this fast-paced slide
  • “Waschstraße” area – showers with themes including water, salt marshes, the Wadden Sea and the underwater world
  • Outdoor area with earth sauna
  • “Hohe Plate” plateau
  • The mysterious wreckage: mystical lights and sounds create a grotto-like ambiance
  • Shallow children’s pool
  • Beach house backdrops with play stations

Beauty & fitness

The areas designed for spa bath treatments, massages and heaven swings feature a special ambiance: indirect lighting, 50-year-old stainless steel tubs in the bath treatment rooms and all furnishings made of natural materials (cherry tree wood, quartzite stone, slate).


  • Mud mask with genuine Norderney mud
  • Sea-salt scrub with olive oil or honey in the sauna
  • Various massages
  • Seawater baths
  • Wraps on the heaven swing (genuine Norderney mud wrap,
  • seaweed/chalk treatment, seaweed wrap, sea salt and
  • sand buckthorn oil treatment, sea salt and tea scrub)
  • Cosmetic treatments

Board basis

Breakfast in Cafe Extrablatt next door; snacks are also available in the bade:haus lounge (incurs a fee)

THE thalasso spa island

There are a thousand ways to be kind to your body, mind and soul on Norderney. With traditions dating back more than 200 years, Norderney is Germany’s oldest health spa in the North Sea. Sky and water converge here. Salt water and the coastal climate are also elements of thalasso treatments. They enable us to breathe deeply and give us a fresh burst of energy.

Thalassotherapy activates and boosts our inner strength. It restores the balance between mind and body. The German Tourism Association was so impressed by the idea of reviving thalasso traditions that Norderney won the Special Prize for Health Tourism in 2010.


  • In 2016, the bade:haus spa became the first public baths to be issued the European Audit Institute Wellness & SPA e.V.’s Thalasso & Spa award in the Leading Spa Selection category.
  • On its tenth anniversary in 2015, the bade:haus spa won the European Health & Spa Award in the Best Public Bath category. The jury based their decision on the creativity surrounding the thalasso theme, and praised the bade:haus health spa for making thalasso accessible to all without sacrificing the quality.

bade:haus norderney

Am Kurplatz 2
26548 Norderney
Phone: +49 (0) 4932 / 891400


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