Elberadweg - Cycling in Lower Saxony

From Cuxhaven to Lüneburg – between Wadden Sea and Heath

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The Elberadweg in Lower Saxony is one of the loveliest and most varied long-distance cycling routes in Europe.

Tremendous variety awaits you on this 860 km stretch from the Wadden Sea to the “Elbsandsteingebirge” a sandstone mountain formation along the upper Elbe.

Here you will experience unique culture, vibrant cities and nearly untouched nature along the Elbe floodplains. Gentle slopes make for relaxed cycling. Besides a map of the route our guidebook provides you with lots of tips on interesting sights, cycle-friendly accommodation, ferries and bike maintenance. For additional information, about package deals, for instance, please contact the coordination centres “Elberadweg Nord”, “Mitte” and “Süd”.

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Koordinierungsstelle Elberadweg Nord c/o Herzogtum Lauenburg Marketing und Service GmbH

Elbestraße, 21481 Lauenburg/Elbe

Phone: +49 (0) 4542 / 856862

Visit Website:

Downloading tour dataDownloading tour data

Download the data to the Elberafweg as a gpx-file for your GPS unit or as a kml-file for viewing in Google Earth here.

Elbe-Radweg GPX-Datei (ZIP 44.09 kB)

Elbe-Radweg KML-Datei (ZIP 427 Byte)

Current informationCurrent information

In some regions it occurs to route diversions due to track renovations. In this regard, route diversions for cyclists are marked. The diversion recommendations is also available on the website


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