MOORWELTEN – European Competence Centre for Moor and Climate

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The MOORWELTEN exhibition presents the significance of the moors for climate protection in an interactive, multimedia way. Here you can learn why the crane and other migratory birds are found in such large numbers on the Diepholz moors today. You can test your knowledge on various bird species in a bird quiz, while the barefoot park offers plenty of space for individual touch experiences. Younger visitors can let off steam in the moorland sheep adventure world, while their parents relax in the outdoor restaurant. Moor experience tours are offered every Saturday and Sunday, providing a chance to experience the moor with all the senses.

Information for wheelchair users and people with walking impairments

  • There are four marked parking spaces for people with disabilities.
  • The path from the car park to the entrance is smooth.
  • All rooms and facilities can be accessed without steps or thresholds.
  • All doors and routes are at least 90 cm wide.
  • The doors that have to be navigated are not revolving doors.
  • Turning spaces measure at least 150 cm x 150 cm.
  • The exhibits can be seen from a sitting or standing position.
  • There are lockers at various heights.

Disabled toilet

  • The WC is at least 70 cm high and accessible from the right.
  • Fold-up grab rails are provided on both sides.
  • The wash basin is wheelchair-suitable.
  • The turning spaces in front of the WC and wash basin measure at least 300 cm x 151 cm.
  • Emergency call buttons are provided.

Information for the deaf and hearing impaired

  • There are no induction loops at the till, in the exhibition spaces, in the shop, in the seminar rooms etc.
  • There are various exhibits that address difference senses (touch, sight, hearing, smell).
  • Visual and audio information boards are provided in the cinema room.

Information for the blind and partially sighted

  • Assistance dogs are permitted.
  • The doors that have to be navigated are revolving doors.
  • Doors are in visual contrast to the surroundings.
  • The rooms are well lit.
  • The exhibits are well lit and contrast visually with the surroundings.
  • Signs are in an easy-to-read font. There is good visual contrast. Direction information is shown as pictograms.
  • The menus in the MOORWELTEN bistro are designed in high-contrast, upper case font.

Information for people with cognitive impairments

  • The entrance is visible from the car park, but the name and logo of the facility are not clearly recognisable from outside.
  • The exhibits are presented visibly.
  • The circular route is signed.
  • Visual and audio information boards are provided.
  • No information is available in simple language.
  • Some direction information is shown as pictograms.

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MOORWELTEN – European Competence Centre for Moor and Climate

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Phone: +49 (0) 5774 / 9978220

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