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The Oker river has its source at a height of around 910 m in the Harz mountains, flowing into the Aller river in Südheide Nature Park in Müden after 105 km. You can get out on the river from Schladen onwards, where the lively river bubbles and splashes away, featuring a number of rapids. The route leads on past the Imperial Palace of Werla towards the ducal residence town of Wolfenbüttel and through Brunswick, the “city of lions”. You may then be lucky enough to spot the likes of cormorants, kingfishers and beavers in the stunning Okerauen nature conservation areas between Rothemühle and Müden. The winding Oker river offers the ideal setting for groups of all sizes, short trips for beginners (e.g. town tours in Wolfenbüttel and Brunswick) and day trips. However, multi-day tours are the optimum choice here. There are lots of places to stay along the waterfront and they are conveniently spaced out so you can enjoy nice stages each day. If you are after a truly unforgettable experience, you could explore the Oker standing up on a surfboard. If that thought takes your fancy, guided tours are available.

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You can even follow the Oker on a full town tour of Brunswick, taking in the historic centre, parks and bridges in the “city of lions” from the water. Mind you, you’ll need to carry your boat for a bit when you reach Gaußberg park.



Nature conservation and navigation instructions

You can take single kayaks on the river from Schladen onwards all year round, with the option of upsizing to a double kayak once you reach Dorstadt.

From the Ölper district (8 km north of Brunswick) up to the confluence, access to the waterfront is prohibited all year round.

Access to the waterfront is prohibited all year round at the point where the river joins up with the Aller river.

The specifics of the tour

The Oker is a natural river that has its source in Altenau in the Hochharz mountains, flows through the Oker Dam and ultimately joins up with the Aller river in Müden. Stretches of the Oker river twist and turn and some even have small rapids. The Oker river is not beginner-friendly in the Harz mountains. In fact, it is only from Schladen onwards that it is safe to paddle all year round without facing a challenge.

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